Soulful Organics’ Puritea Detox with Chamomile

Soulful Organics’ Puritea Detox With Chamomile (28 Day)



Even paragons of virtue could do with a little help sometimes, Soulful Organics’ Puritea Detox With Chamomile can be your little secret. This tin contains enough for a 14 day detox.


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Product Description

A variant of the Puritea, Puritea with Chamomile has a slightly more bitter taste but is softened with the accompanying chamomile. Notes of licorice from the fennel, anise fruit and yerba mate make this a full bodied blend.

Contains: Chamomile – Oolong Tea – Peppermint – Fennel – Anise Fruit – Yerba Mate.

Additional Information

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 115 mm